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Be it a space to live in or a space to do business in. We create spaces for people. Over the last 4 decades we have developed more than 200 projects. We believe there is no set formula, in fact, there is always a better way to do things. We are empowered with an affinity for logical design, pragmatic decision making and a thirst for constantly upping our game.

Our History

Goyal & co. was founded by the late Mr. Rampurshottam Goyal in 1970 in the city of Ahmedabad. A bachelor in civil engineering from Jodhpur University, he started the company with limited means. With his heart set on a long term vision and years of perseverance, he grew Goyal & Co into one of the leading real estate development companies in Western India, both in terms of residential and commercial.

The brand has changed the skyline of Ahmedabad as well as earned the respect of the city with a legacy synonymous with excellence, innovation and transparency. Choicest locations, perfect planning and immaculate implementation have ensured value for money for it’s customers. Known for delivering beyond the call of duty, Goyal & Co has systematically built on its credibility and goodwill with every project it has launched over the years. Each one being a true testament in innovation, design and construction.

Where we stand today

Mr. Rampurshottam Goyal’s legacy has inspired a whole new generation that is filled with a discerning fire to efficiently transcend Goyal & Co into the new millenium, creating new landmarks that are a culmination of experience and technology.

Goyal & Co has completed more than 200 projects that include apartment developments, villas, plotted developments, corporate offices, townships etc. The company also possesses a large corporate leasing portfolio of more than 70 properties in Ahmedabad with clients like Vodafone, Reliance ADAG, Tata Motors, Tata Vsnl, Godrej, ICICI, Kirloskar, Accor Hotels etc. All of whom have benefitted from Goyal’s work ethic that is rooted in transparency, legal clarity, timely delivery, and superior quality.

The firm is currently rapidly growing its presence in the cities of Bangalore & Mumbai. With the goal of achieving a similar market sentiment to that back at home; Goyal & Co is committed to leaving its stamp of excellence on every project that it undertakes. The company has sucessfully completed 4 residential projects in Mumbai and 2 in Bangalore. Goyal & Co’s portfolio of current projects in Banglore is highly diversified offering various real estate products at strategic locations.

The Team

Completed Projects
Hotel Formule 1 Ahmedabad
Megha Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Ahmedabad
Green Villas Ahmedabad
Green County Ahmedabad
Orchid Greens Plotting Ahmedabad
Lohia House Ahmedabad
Green Woods Mumbai
Victoria Mumbai
Vishal Residency Ahmedabad
Supat Raw House Ahmedabad
Supat Bunglow Ahmedabad
Amaltas Ahmedabad
Goyal Holiday Resort Ahmedabad
Vishal Tower Ahmedabad
Park Avenue Ahmedabad
Orchid Park Ahmedabad
Samkeet I Ahmedabad
Samkeet II Ahmedabad
Prime Plaza Ahmedabad
Lakschandi Heights Mumbai
APM Shopping Mall Ahmedabad
Commerce House 1 Ahmedabad
Commerce House 3 Ahmedabad
Riviera Arcade Ahmedabad
Studio Complex Ahmedabad
Circle P Ahmedabad
City Mall Ahmedabad
Commerce House 2 Ahmedabad
Titanium Ahmedabad
Riviera 11 Ahmedabad
Riviera 20 Ahmedabad
Riviera 30 Ahmedabad
MayFair Ahmedabad
Riviera Heights Ahmedabad
Royal Orchid Ahmedabad
Orchid Greens Ahmedabad
Nebula Ahmedabad
Corporate House Ahmedabad
APM Shopping Mall Ahmedabad
Green Park Bopal Ahmedabad
Pruthvi Ahmedabad
Galaxy Apartment Ahmedabad
Circle B Ahmedabad
Westend Park Ahmedabad
Century Ahmedabad
Premier House Ahmedabad
Jupiter Ahmedabad
The Chambers Ahmedabad
Venus Ahmedabad
Aakash Ahmedabad
Poly Clinic Ahmedabad
Goyal Palace Ahmedabad
Goyal Plaza Ahmedabad
Yash Ahmedabad
City Centre Ahmedabad
Goyal Complex Ahmedabad
Goyal Terrace Ahmedabad
Saffrony Ahmedabad
Raj Apartment Ahmedabad
Satellite Centre Ahmedabad
Milan Park Ahmedabad
Goyal Park Ahmedabad
Goyal Intercity Ahmedabad
White House Ahmedabad
Satellite Complex Ahmedabad
Goyal Tower Ahmedabad
Kirti Sagar Ahmedabad
Sur Sagar Ahmedabad
Fairdeal Ahmedabad
Satellite Plaza Ahmedabad
Shree Mangal Ahmedabad
Aadarsh Ahmedabad
Satellite Tower Ahmedabad
Satellite Park Ahmedabad
Asia House Ahmedabad
Goyal House Ahmedabad
Khemka House Ahmedabad
Vaishali Ahmedabad
Sadbhav Ahmedabad
Hill Plaza Ahmedabad
Darshan Ahmedabad
Kamdhenu Ahmedabad
Chaina Garden Ahmedabad
Bhagwati Chambers Ahmedabad
Omkar House Ahmedabad
Skylark Ahmedabad
Paradise Ahmedabad
Madhuban Ahmedabad
Laxmi Chambers Ahmedabad
Satellite Apartment Ahmedabad
Khetan Tower Ahmedabad
Ganpati Apartment Ahmedabad
Sun House Ahmedabad
Navrang Ahmedabad
Monalisa Ahmedabad
Rangwala Ahmedabad
Prem Society Ahmedabad
Terrace Apartment Ahmedabad
Shittal Chayya Ahmedabad
Ganga Jamuna Ahmedabad
Jai Prem Ahmedabad
Pushap Mala Ahmedabad
Arpan Apartment Ahmedabad
Pooja Apartment Ahmedabad
Deep Jaimini Ahmedabad
Deepika Ahmedabad
Santhosh Nagar Ahmedabad